• Bring your meetings to life

    Creative Facilitation Training
    Cambridge Sept 30 and October 1st
    Also available customised for your organisation

  • A whole new mindset

    Movement, surprise, emotion, engagement and fun...

    A one-minute summary of our approach

    We've developed this workshop over years of work in many cultures

  • Content

    The content of our two-day Bring Your Meetings to Life workshops

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    We show you simple action methods to connect people with each other that prepare the group for the work that matters.


    There are lots of ways to share information and important content that helps people connect beyond listening to a presentation.


    Ways to help a group prioritise and make decisions.


    We show you how to deal with those difficult people and situations.


    What to do when you don't know what to do. We share some principles that underpin the Creative Facilitation approach.


    How to build in different types of reflection into any gathering.

  • 7 things that make

    Creative Facilitation different

    1. Training not-as-usual

    There is no manual or set agenda, no boring presentations. We demonstrate, and involve you, in ways of sharing information, revealing diverse opinions, exploring difficult topics, and having conversations about what matters. There is lots of time to try different approaches, learn from each other, share experiences, and reflect. And never fear, we do provide notes, links, and references for you to follow up afterwards.

    2. The invisible facilitator

    At Creative Facilitation we believe the participants are at the centre of the action, not the facilitator.

    3. Theory that matters

    We don't overwhelm you with theory and frameworks, but share our favourites and give you information on where to find out more.

    4. Breaking the rules

    There are a lot of unspoken rules around facilitation. We explore what happens if you break these rules.

    5. Being playful

    We play, metaphorically and figuratively - with ideas and processes. We learn about, and from, being playful - even with serious topics.

    6. Learning from each other

    We know that our participants bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences. We give you time and ways to connect with, and learn from, each other.

    7. It's not about making it easy

    We don't save our participants, making their challenges easy. We dive in with them to explore the complexity and messiness.

  • Your host...

    Johnnie Moore

    Cambridge, UK

    Johnnie has been facilitating around the world for over 15 years. He helps people connect and have the difficult conversations that make a difference. He's the co-founder of Creative Facilitation and author of the 75 page guide of the same name.


    “Our training experience with Johnnie was a game changer. The team’s idea of what effective facilitation is, got turned on its head. We walked away from two very valuable days with tools and a perspective that has changed the way we approach meetings and facilitation workshops. This was the best training session we’ve had in a long time.”— Cheryl Ader-Dunne, Executive Director of Strategy, Leopard, Denver Colorado

  • Cambridge Autumn 2019 - or in-house

    Come to our public workshop or order your own!

    Cambridge Sept 30th & October 1st

    King's College

    Lunch: Price includes refreshments and lunch on both days. The food at King's gets rave reviews from participants!

    Time: 9.30am to 4.30 pm both days.

    More information about the location and travel

    Accommodation: If you'd like to stay in Cambridge, there are lots of hotels and B&B choices. One option is to stay in one of the colleges which you can book at university rooms


    Customised training

    We come to you

    In house training: We offer customised versions of this workshop. We've worked with NGOs, agencies, corporates, and charities. We can deliver this work in a variety of formats and timescales. Do contact us for a chat


  • What participants say...

    Feedback from a previous workshop

    "creating a space where people could learn their craft"

    "whatever he's doing, it's pretty magical"

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